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Info Sec Cynic About Us

I am the blog owner, administrator, publisher and totally independent critique. Despite YouTubers reminding me I have a face made for radio, I feature predominantly in the video blogs. The website was named in my honour with the ‘A’s in my name changed to ’4′s because the domain name was already taken, although I like to tell people J4vv4D is my hacker handle, despite having never been a hacker.

I’ve worked in information security my whole career, but also always had a passion for films. So I one day decided I could combine the two and do more than just a security blog but make security related videos. I started off with high hopes and was greatly inspired by Top Gear. After all, they made a car show entertaining and interesting so that even those with no interest in cars would watch and enjoy it.

However, I soon discovered that making high quality videos was far beyond my expertise and budget so I turned to YouTube and took inspiration from people such as CommunityChannel, Freddiew, Nigahiga, pwnisher, Pyrobooby, iJustine, Wheezywaiter, WongFuProductions, JennaMarbles, Filmriot and the like. The thing that struck me most (aside from the fact they had millions of subscribers) was the uncanny ability to turn the most mundane everyday observation into an entertaining video.

So I took to the YouTube and started churning out videos in early 2010 and more or less not stopped since. The format has changed as I’ve learnt what has worked and what hasn’t, and I still cringe looking at some of my older videos.

People sometimes ask if I make videos to get hits, further my career or get noticed by someone in Hollywood. The truth is none of the above. It’s a hobby and something I enjoy doing, I just so happened to find a way to tie it in with my career. Although if any Hollywood agents were to get in touch, I wouldn’t turn them away… just saying.