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AT&T VS. Google – FIGHT!

Att VS Google

It looks like AT&T is going after Google. AT&T is launching its Internet service in Kansas City, which is exactly where Google first launched the Google fiber Internet service. The AT&T service is called GigaPower and will be offered at the same rate that Google fiber is offered at now. Need more evidence that AT&T's going after Google?

With the exact same monthly rate AT&T is counting on availability as its ace in the hole. The AT&T network is already been established and well used in the area, it also has a regulatory advantage that Google lacks. AT&T can roll out in places of his competitor can't reach and AT&T's counting on this. Google isn't allowed to hang its fiber on local polls, however due to AT&T's current regulation it is. This is a competitive advantage that can't be ignored and Google will need an answer for. Although AT&T is not matching Google in all markets in this particular area yet, is clear that the telecom giant is attempting to gain ground and muscle in on the newcomer Google.

So what is the answer for Google? Currently it's hard to say because AT&T dominates almost every market that it's in. The uVerse product that AT&T currently offers is matched only by Verizon fiber, at least in a bandwidth comparison. Verizon is head and shoulders above the competition in customer care for this product, as in every product.